Footy Fifteen Football Pools

Can you predict the results of 15 top fixtures for a chance to win the weekly jackpot of £100,000 or more?  Is so this is the game for you to try.  If you feel that predicting the outcome of 15 matches is too much for you and the thought of betting on Scottish Football to risky then go to the nice safe haven of Premier 10 betting where its the nice safe Premiership.

How to Play Footy 15

Once you have registered on the site and deposited the minimum required amount you can now play Footy 15

  • Simply predict the results for this weeks 15 top football fixtures.
  • With each match simply predict whether the result will be a home win (H), a draw (D) or an away win (A).
  • Tick the box next to your prediction on each fixture
  • You can increase your chances of winning by making multiple predictions (perm) for a fixture e.g. a home win and a draw.
  • Once you have made at least one prediction per fixture, the PLAY NOW button will appear.
  • When you are satisfied you have made the right 15 choices click PLAY NOW to be entered into the game and get ready to count your winnings.

If you think that you have enough friends or even colleagues you can start up your own private Footy 15  league for as little as £2.00 you could win the estimated £20,000 jackpot and all the money in the prize pot from your own league your very own double.

Prize Fund

If you able to predict 11 or more of the weeks 15 matches then money shall come to you.  For 11 correct predictions you are guaranteed at least £10, if however all 15 predictions are made you will get a share of the £100,000 plus jackpot.  Should however nobody be able to guess all of the 15 results the jackpot for Footy 15 will be rolled over to the next match.

£75 Welcome Bonus!
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