MatchXtra Football Betting

Play MatchXtra at The Football Pools and bet like you would on a traditional sportsbook. Select your bet from a number of different markets per match. Check out what football pools betting offers are available, there is a £75 Welcome Bonus when playing MatchXtra.

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How to Play MatchXtra

  • Simply have a bet on any of the markets provided.
  • The odds for the market are finalised at kick off depending what money is in the pool.
  • All bets on a match are aggregated into a single pool.
  • Estimated odds are provided before placing a bet.

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Prize Fund

All the bets on a single match will be aggregated into a prize pool and odds will be calculated accordingly. Because these are pool bets you may find improved prices than what you could expect in a normal sportsbook.

£75 Welcome Bonus

£75 Welcome Bonus!