Classic Football Pools Betting

As the name suggests this is an online version of the original pools game that you will remember from the innocent days of football when the collector came round to your house or you used the coupon that you had cut out of the newspaper.  All you needed to do was pick your total amount of matches and start on your journey to be in with a chance to win up to £2.5 million pounds.

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How to Play Classic Pools

There are several different options you can choose to start your Classic football pools betting. The first choice is choose 10 fixtures and from that predict 8 score draws this will cost £1.00, next is to choose 8 score draws from 11 fixtures for £2.75 and finally from 12 fixtures for £7.50.

  • Choose which game option you would like to play either 10, 11 or 12 fixtures from the top left corner.
  • Your best performing 8 fixtures will be marked, therefore the more fixtures you play the greater your chance of winning will be.
  • Select the fixtures which you predict will be a score draw.
  • Make your selections by ticking the box next to your chosen fixture, or you can play a Lucky Dip.
  • Once you have made your 10, 11 or 12 predictions then click the OK button.
  • To see your entries, click View in the Entries box just below the fixture list.
  • If you want to play your fixtures (numbers) for more than just one competition, select the required amount from the drop down box in the bottom left.
  • When you are ready with your predictions and number of games entered, click Play now and wait for your winnings!


Each week a player who scores 21 points or more will normally be eligible for a share of the prize fund. If you have selected 8 high score draws of 2-2 or more then the jackpot of £2,500,000 will be paid out.

For each match fixture the points are as follows:

  • 3 Points – For a Score Draw
  • 2 Points – For a No Score Draw (0-0)
  • 1 Point - Home or Away Win


As this is a pools game it means that the total prize fund is determined by the name number of players and amount of winners both off and online.  The £2.5 million prize will be shared upon the event of more than one winner.

Full Time Prizes

For the Full Time game there will be 3 prize levels:

  • 1st - Highest number of points.
  • 2nd -Second highest number of points.
  • 3rd - Third highest number of points.

Pools Panel Results

Just like the olden day of playing the game if you choose teams that have been affected by their game being cancelled due to adverse weather conditions or any other reason the result of the game is then decided by the Pools Panel.

This is a team of experts employed by the TFP (The Football Pools) who will decide the outcome of the game at half and full time based on the teams form and ability. The panel is currently made up of Tony Green, Gordon Banks and Roger Hunt who have been responsible for setting match results for over 30 years.

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